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    Android car stereo

    Android Auto Car Stereo

    Android Auto car stereo is a car feature that allows users to control and view certain Android smartphone-based apps through the dashboard’s media system. Some of the features to look for in an android car stereo are;

    • Music browsing and playback
    • Bluetooth connectivity
    • Android app control

    The best car stereo allows ones to browse for music and customize sound effects to suit the user. Our Android Auto car stereo lets you play music directly from your phone by allowing you to interface with your phone, where you can access your music files and play them.

    With the Bluetooth connection provided by our stereo system, you can always play Bluetooth music. Another fantastic feature is that you can also make Bluetooth calls which is efficient as it allows you to focus on your driving.

    We provide the best android car stereo. Some of the other fantastic features include;

    • Map (offline map and online map)
    • Support Sub woofer Output
    • Steering Wheel Controls to easily switch songs, adjust volume, etc., to make you focus on driving.
    • Radio has a Built-in RDS radio receiver.
    • USB Built-In USB Port that supports the soft drive
    • Multi-customized options for choosing your favorite audio experience.