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    Subaru Forester Android Unit

    Subaru’s powerful engines and easy-to-handle features make it one of the most fun-to-drive cars! We offer the best car stereo for Subaru that is relatively easy to install and will upgrade your Subaru model to a more fantastic state. The stereo system contains impressive features that you will enjoy.

    The Subaru WRX stereo and Subaru Forester stereo upgrades will make your car’s interior design much more attractive thanks to the beautiful large screen and high-quality display without forgetting other unique features. 

    Travelling made easier! Support of GPS navigation and built-in offline map and support of online google map, Waze, etc., ensures you get real-time traffic updates and the best route to reach your destination more effectively.

    The Subaru Forester android unit and Subaru WRX android unit allow you to interface your phone to the stereo system; thus, you can enjoy amazing things like streaming music directly from your phone. Entertainment will never be limited as Subaru WRX radio, and Subaru Forester radio also has built-in RDS radio receivers and support FM and AM channels; thus, be assured of accessing several channels to listen to real-time broadcastings. You can also play your favorite music via Bluetooth.

    The Subaru WRX stereo and Subaru Forester stereo also consider safety. With the hands-free Bluetooth phone call, you will undoubtedly maintain focus as you drive, and also the support of Steering Wheel Controls, you can easily switch songs and channels and adjust the volume to make you focus on driving.

    Other features include;

    • USB Built-In USB Port that supports soft drive such as USB flash drive
    • Video Support 4K video format
    • IPS Screen
      • 2.5D touch glass: more sensitive touch response
      • IPS multi-touch screen allows wider viewing angles
    • Other customized settings: for example, you can choose your loved background picture