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    System firmware

    The summary of system updated firmware and instructions for SYGAV car stereo head unit

    Important Note:

    This firmware only fits SYGAV car stereos head unit with relative CPU and Android system.Please make sure the CPU and the Android system version of your head unit before you download the firmware. Don`t try to update the wrong android version firmware to any car stereo that will cause the original system collapsed and can`t be saved. 

    If you are confused of which system firmware you need to download for system updating.Please make sure your unit is a SYGAV brand unit at first, and then contact with us and send 2 screenshots on the menu of Settings-->System-->About Machine. Then we will tell you the right one.

    The Latest download link:


    No. Android System Version Download Link File Name MCU Version
    For all of versions
    For all of versions
    3 For all of versions dmcu.img 3.53


    System firmwares:

    No. CPU Version Android System Version Download Link File Names Firmware Version
    PX6 RK3399
    Android 10

    PX6 RK3399

    Android 9.0 20200521
    PX5 RK3368
    Android 10
    4 PX5 RK3368 Android 9.0 20200511
    5 PX5 RK3368 Android 8.0 20190731
    6 PX5 RK3368 Android 6.0 update.img 20180201
    7 PX30 Android 9.0 20200106
    8 PX30 Android 8.1 20190404
    9 PX3 Android 7.1 nupdate.img 20181225
    10 RK3188 Android 5.1 dupdate.img 20170906




    1) Please download the MCU and the system firmware in above two links to your computer(PC). 

    2) Copy the two downloaded files (dmcu.img and to the root directory (it is very important, otherwise the system can not detect the firmware image) of the SD card or an USB drive(The SD card or USB drive must be formated in FAT32).
    3) Plug the SD card or the USB drive into the unit.
    4) Go to the menu of Settings==>System ==>MCU updates
    5) Go to the menu of Settings==>System ==>System updates 
    After the updating complete. Please note the first booting time after system updated will get a little longer.Please be patient to wait and please keep the power on when the system is updating or the head unit is booting.
    6)You can delete dmcu.img and file in the SD card or unplug the USB drive after system updating completed.
    7)Install iGO app from the SD card again.
    Path: FILESMANAGER-->GPS CARD--->iGO_Pal--->iGO719WD.apk

    Important Note:

    If the ZLINK app of your PX6 Android 10 unit can not be re-activated after system updated or factory data reset. Please download the new ZLINK apk as below and install it in the unit. Then re-activate it.

    Download link: