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    Civic Stereo

    Honda cars are known for high performance, durability, quality, and dependability. With Our Car Stereo for Honda Civic, you can upgrade your Honda model to be more fantastic thanks to its great features. The impressive features will make you enjoy traveling in your vehicle.

    Best display

    The large screen display will leave your car looking much more beautiful. More importantly, the screen has high pixels, ensuring high resolution for more explicit images. The IPS screen also displays amazing clear pictures that you can view at wide angles. The screen is also sensitive; hence it will respond to the lightest touch; you don't have to struggle to select your best music etc.


    supports WiFi/3g/4g internet; thus, you can always enjoy online entertainment. You can also enjoy laying music via Bluetooth. Your phone probably has a collection of our best music! Our civic stereo has an android auto that allows you to play music directly from your phone! Our Civic stereo also supports Radio with AM/FM modes; thus, you can enjoy broadcastings from different channels.


    nothing should come at the expense of safety. Our civic stereo supports steering wheel controls which ensure you enjoy your entertainment while ensuring safety; the steering wheel controls enable you to easily switch songs etc., without having to use the controls on the head unit display, thus ensuring you pay more attention to your driving. The Bluetooth connection also enables the user to make Bluetooth calls convenient when driving as you will maintain focus driving

    Other unique features

    • GPS navigation. Inbuilt offline maps and accessibility of online google maps enable smooth traveling to new places without fear of getting lost!
    • Radio. Both AM/FM formats are supported. Listen to the newest information around the world.
    • Reversing camera image- you no longer have to struggle while reversing your car! As Civic stereo enables a rear parking view making your work easier.
    • Compatible with most accessories to give you a better experience

     With our civic stereo, you will enjoy driving your upgraded car!