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    Toyota RAV4 Stereo

    You can upgrade your Toyota car by installing a new Toyota stereo with unique features. We offer legit Toyota RAV4 stereo features that make you enjoy driving your vehicle. Some of the outstanding features that exhibit an excellent car stereo system are;

    • android unit
    • radio
    • Bluetooth
    • hands-free calling
    • GPS navigation

     Wireless connectivity!

    Our Toyota stereo supports Bluetooth, WiFi/3G/4G connectivity. With Bluetooth, you can play Bluetooth music and sync your contact from your phone to make Bluetooth calls, which are hands-free and ideal when driving as it allows you to focus on your driving. Furthermore, WiFi/3g/4g connectivity will enable you to enjoy online entertainment.


    Apart from playing music via Bluetooth, you can also play music directly on the head unit screen by interfacing your phone to the Toyota stereo display, thanks to the Toyota android unit!

    You can also listen to the latest information from various channels as our Toyota radio supports both AM/FM modes.

    Get entertained safely!

    Safety is a priority when driving; therefore, you should not entertainment undermine your safety and that of others. Our Toyota stereo ensures you pay more attention to your driving by supporting steering wheel controls that let you switch songs and even change volume quickly.

    Get to the correct destination quickly!

    With GPS navigation, you can get to wherever you wish! Our Toyota RAV4 stereo also supports a GPS navigation system. With pre-installed offline maps and support of online maps, your travel will be made accessible. Moreover, you will get to your destination much faster, considering you will get traffic updates and best route suggestions, especially when traveling to a new place.

    Toyota stereo is available for different models of Toyota, all with outstanding features.

    Other Toyota stereo features include;

    • Reversing camera image- you no longer have to struggle while reversing your car! Civic stereo enables a rear parking view making your work easier.
    • Compatibility with most accessories to give you a better experience